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DistrIT - Distributed Processing in Java made Simple and Powerful

Welcome to the home of DistrIT, a Java API for distributing tasks across a network. DistrIT provides you the foundations making it easy to start your own distributed processing project such as SETI@home,, or the Distributed Hardware Evolution Project. This Distributed Processing API can also be used to distribute other tasks such as a CPU-intensive rendering process distributed across various PCs within an intranet, a Informative Map GUI running on custom PCs around a shopping mall, or an artificial evolutionary process spreading across the internet.

DistrIT has the following features:

Access the Sourceforge project page for more facilites.

Why use Java for distributed processing?

Java is a great option for distributed processing tasks:

DistrIT vs. BOINC

Advantages of DistrIT over BOINC include:

When would I want to use DistrIT?

There are various cases in which DistrIT could be useful to you:

Startup Guide

Get walked through the first steps of using DistrIT by the Getting Started Guide.


Download the DistrIT package source to start developing your own distribued project. You will also need DebugLib to make them compile. Find both of these source releases in the Files Section. Source code is daily kept up to date in the CVS Repository. There is also a client binary release containing the 5K generic client.

Browse the Documentation API

The Documentation API for DistrIT v1.0.

To Do List and Requests

The current To Do list is checked in the CVS repository. Requests can be sent by contacting the project administrator by email or in the Open Discussion Forum. Project Developers can add requests to the To Do list directly.


To become a developer for this project please email the project administrator.